Guidelines in Reporting for the Jesus Reigns Summit

Rationale: The report is to share one very significant impact of the Jesus Reigns Celebration and give glory to our Savior Jesus Christ.

                                   Only one reporter per province is allowed.

  1. The reporter is given a maximum of 3 minutes to give the report.
  2. Focus on the impact of the JESUS REIGNS movement and celebration either in your family, church, or barangay
  3. A video could be shown as visuals of the report. It should be strictly a one-minute video.
  4. Share one concrete example.
  5. Please be sensitive to time. There are 82 reporters and if each one will exceed his/her allotted time even by one minute, it will already affect the over-all flow of the whole summit.
  6. If you have a picture or video clip to show, it must be within the 3-minute allotted time.
  7. Submit a written report with the pictures or video not later than January 31
  8. Use the Core Values as the format in your report

          a. PRAYER: Pray and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit on what to report and what pictures/videos to show.

          b. ANONYMITY: Introduce the town where you are coming from (No need to introduce your name or the name of your church)

          c. UNITY: Tell the story of how the JESUS REIGNS have brought together and blessed the different churches, community and or province.

          d. SACRIFICIAL GIVING – Include in your sharing how the people gave/participated sacrificially.

          e. EXCELLENCE: Give a closing statement to affirm your commitment to the JESUS REIGNS movement or to challenge people to give their full support to the movement. Use a Bible verse in your closing statement if possible.

          f. You can send your reports to the messenger and email to the following:

  •              Luzon Provinces: Ptr. Jun Rellorta



  •            Visayan and Mindanao Provinces: Jeziel Casani



NOTE: Please follow the guidelines strictly. Thank you.

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